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Morphemes: A Test Where You Learn

on October 13, 2013

This past monday our English class took its first Morphemes test. It’s a test on the definitions and common uses of Greek and Latin roots. Ever since the 4th grade, when my teacher introduced me to Greek and Latin roots, I’ve always been intrigued by these simple elements of the English language.

I thought it was interesting how the test was formatted: a section on exact definitions, some fill-in-the-blank with the appropriate word questions, a part where you choose the best word to complete the sentence, and a synonym/antonym portion. You could study the morphemes and get the first page 100% right but not the other parts, because they require skills other than simple memorization. For example, a fill-in-the-blank question was, “two+year+ual” and the answer was “biannual”. The synonym/antonym part was particularly tricky, because it required some previous knowledge.


Overall, I really like how the test was formatted, because it tested our knowledge of vocabulary AND it was really helpful. Answering each question helped ingrain the roots and definitions into our minds. By learning ten roots per week for the rest of the year, my vocabulary will grow substantially. It will help me score higher on the SAT and sound sophisticated 😀

Yep, definitely going to parade around using my newly discovered word. Oh, the possibilities….

To explore your own morphemes, visit


One response to “Morphemes: A Test Where You Learn

  1. sz says:

    I did not design the morphemes quests…but I like them for the same reason you do–you LEARN from a test. Unfortunately, that’s too rare : (

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