I beg to differ

Surrounded by Words

on October 20, 2013

I remember in Mrs. Benedict’s fifth grade class, I could often be found scrounging through the shelves of the class library for a book I hadn’t read yet. I once searched the racks top to bottom, hoping to find Among the Impostors, the next book in the Shadow Children series. I could barely contain my suspense and excitement about finding out what would happen to Luke Gardner, the main character, in the sequel. I hung my head in disappointment when I found out my teacher hadn’t bought it yet. That day after school, I begged my mom to take me to the public library so I could check out the book. Standing in front of shelves twice my height, my tiny fingers caressed the worn out but tempting mystery novels. I stuffed my arms with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and  Boxcar Children mysteries – resulting in the check out of five more books than intended. The next week, having read all the books, I skipped through the revolving doors into the library to repeat the cycle.

My high school has a program called Sustained Silent Reading. For eleven minutes on most days, the silent classroom allows me to meander through a book of my choice. When I read Sherlock Holmes (surprisingly, my love for mysteries lasts to this day) I stepped into Dr. Watson’s shoes and entered 221B Baker Street, eager to entangle myself in the newest case. Mr. Holmes berated me for not solving the crime within five minutes of its introduction, and I begged the captivating detective to tell me the “obvious”. A few days and fifty pages in the companionship of Holmes later, I strutted out of 221 Baker Street, so familiar with the outcome of the case you would think I deduced it myself.

Another day, I opened The Count of Monte Cristo, and was introduced to Edmond Dantes, a morally ambiguous man who always seemed to be ten steps ahead of everyone. This romantic novel, chock-full with plot twists and suspense, took me on an unforgettable adventure through four countries that surprised, amazed, and amused. It had me on the edge of my seat in suspense, tapping my fingers and wishing I had a faster reading pace. The vivid descriptions had me feeling like I was bathing in the misery of the Chateau d’If, and later marveling at newfound fortune on the Island of Monte Cristo. While reading the book, I pondered about the natural laws of good and evil, and how justice in human hands is limited. I realize that even though courts judge cases by the law, not all parties leave satisfied. This occurrence was worse in past centuries; it is one of the reasons why I do not want to have a political career.

Reading makes me feel, connect, experience and live. It contributes majorly to my opinions and motivations. It can comfort or unsettle. It can inspire and demoralize. It can relax, and it can stress. Reading is essential to me as a human being.

My passion for reading is one that I hope will never be fulfilled.

8 responses to “Surrounded by Words

  1. Umbreen says:

    HI AJ! I really enjoyed your post about reading. I think I know exactly how you feel! Have you ever thought about the fact that every single book you have read is merely a different combination of the same twenty-six letters? Mind blowing, isn’t it? It makes the power of books that much more awe-inspiring, in my opinion. One of the things that makes books so great, to me, is that they allow us to consider the world and certain parts of life in a different way.

    P.S. Sherlock Holmes is actually one of the pieces of literature I’m reading at the moment.

    • Thanks Umbreen! I think that fact is mindblowing, too – words are so little yet have so much power. I love opening new books and escaping into literary worlds 🙂 it’s exciting, exhilirating, and scary because you feel like you have no power over what’s going to happen.
      Oh I love Sherlock Holmes! The writing’s done so well, and he’s so awesome, but I’d have to admit that if he was a real person, I’d probably hate him 😀
      Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy my posts! Feel free to talk to me IRL too 🙂

    • Haha funny thing, I actually said hi to you today 😀

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