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Intro to my DIY Project

on November 30, 2013

Our current logo, designed by my partner Maggie 🙂 thank you!

Last week we kicked off our DIY projects. My project’s running title is “Guidevisement in 10”. I will be working with Maggie from and our school’s video/newscast class to produce several 10-minute videos that can guide specific grade levels through high school. Right now, our school’s “Guidevisement” presentations are…informative, but bland. Our goal is to spice things up using humor, infographics, and the ultimate power of puns =).

I was inspired to take on this project when, in the beginning of the school year, we watched this video ( about College and Career Readiness. Although it was very informational and I found it interesting, I looked around the classroom and saw some people falling asleep, while others played on their phones. I realized that lectures (or the powerpoints often used) were not the best way to get important information like this to an easily distracted audience. With the support of my teacher and friends, I decided to make this my DIY project.

I really hope I’m successful.

2 responses to “Intro to my DIY Project

  1. kevinep3 says:

    I think that this would be a really good idea if you could make it work. I would also think that it has to be pretty darn good though if you want to catch a lot of people’s attention and keep them from falling asleep. You should consider Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle for some idea to keep the audience connected.

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