I beg to differ


on January 18, 2014

The past few weeks have been full of writing and empty of video (but that’s ok!). First, we gathered our research that we got from online sources as well as a helpful booklet Maggie picked up from our college and career center at school. Then we wrote the script, trying to make it as funny and entertaining as possible. Next we meticulously edited it (and we’re pretty much done). I think our next step is to submit it to Mr. Z and ask him if it will work for the BBN. If we’re done with our part for the script, then the next thing to do is start video production. If not, we’ll go back and make it better.

Maggie and I aren’t experienced script writers, so we know that our final draft won’t be perfect. However, we’re open to suggestions by the BBN, since honestly, they’re the ones who know what they’re doing.


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    IdeaFM progress through my partner (January)

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