I beg to differ

Slowly but Surely

on January 21, 2014


Maggie and I have been working (not-so) diligently on our DIY project. Right now we’re kind of feeling lazy to do it, since finals are next week and we haven’t been able to find time other than our Fridays in class. Nevertheless, we’ve made progress and we are almost finished with our part of the script!

Even though our project is titled “Guidevisement in Ten”, I think our first video will be much shorter. We’ve done a lot of research, but honestly, the FAFSA is really easy to fill out! We can’t really go into more detail without boring the students, and that would be counterproductive.

Next, we plan to give our script to BBN so they can start filming our first video. Once next semester begins, we want to get rolling on this.


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