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How to Run a Somewhat-Successful Student Blog

on February 16, 2014

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”

– Benjamin Franklin

For the past few weeks we’ve done blog reviews, where we made a short presentation in class about our blogs. We were required to talk about our favorite posts, our statistics, and our struggles. Following is a not-so-short summary of what I’ve learned.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.03.00 PM

The problems:

1. People write posts just so that they exist.

2. They write them all at once. Vivienne suggested to set them on an automatic update so that even if you write them at once, posts appear freshly written every week.

3. They write to no audience. Therefore, they don’t really care about how they are writing.

4. They don’t really care about the content. Many of my peers publish short, ranty posts that make no sense. It shows that they didn’t learn anything, and that they are just trying to get something up on their blogs to turn in.

5. They look boring. Everyone has a theme, but not everyone includes pictures.


The suggestions:

1. Use tags.

2. Follow your friends. Chances are, they’ll follow you back!

3. Write about your personal interests. Then reflect those interests in your tags, so people like you can find your posts!

4. Make it funny. People like to be entertained!

5. Use graphics. If I’ve learned anything from the countless recipe blogs I look through in the spare time I don’t have, pictures make a post friendly and inviting. They encourage the reader to keep scrolling. You can even use original photos!

6. Get to the point. This is something I need to work on. A blog post is not a book, so it needs no lengthy exposition. *sings* Say what you wanna say, just let the words fall out! Then make it look pretty and hit publish.

7. Advertise your blog. Social media is your friend! Tell your friends/followers to check your work out. Or, trick them into it.

8. And to my classmates who don’t know what to write about: if you come across something interesting in class, write it down in your zero drafting journal. Then look back at your list, pick a few topics, and write about them. A post per week is not that hard. Here are some things you can blog about:

Posts should be 200-500 words long and you should post once a week. Most importantly, don’t stress and write about what YOU want.

3 responses to “How to Run a Somewhat-Successful Student Blog

  1. Juniors 3 says:

    Reblogged this on Above Reality and commented:
    This is a blog post written by a very good friend of mine and I think she truly hit all the main points on how to make a great blog. If you’re interested in blogs that actually have meaning to it, I suggest you follow her because she spends a great deal of her time on it!

  2. partyofone says:

    You had me at the “Brave” lyrics 😀

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