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Guidevisement In Ten: Filming!

on March 4, 2014

Our ideaFM project is finally taking off! Check out this post from my partner Maggie’s blog, with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Cinematic Commentary

Everything’s coming together! My DIY partner and I turned in our completed script to BBN for FAFSA last week and they have already started filming it!


When I went to check up on filming (as a producer omg I’m living my dream) on Wednesday after 6th period, Karen, who is helping with filming presented me the script changes and add-ons.  It was strange at first to see all the new scenes and characters, but I ended up liking it more than the original script.

20140226_150539 20140226_150529

    When I first entered the BBN room (coincidentally also my English classroom), I felt starstruck as the BBN crew roamed around the area. It didn’t feel like the same room 306. They were even filming a segment for the upcoming week’s episode at the other side of the room. I liked how everyone cooperated and immediately went silent after the segment director…

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