I beg to differ

I’m not a poet.

on April 5, 2014

April is National Poetry Month! Or NaPoWriMo, here on WordPress.

On the first of the month, Mr. Z read the class “Words” by Dana Gioia. It was nice and had out-of-the box thinking. It introduced me to a new perspective on words, and I think that’s what poetry is supposed to do.

I’ve always (hesitantly) admired poetry from afar. Anything with more than a few verses was not worth my time. My favorite poems are ones that rhyme (You rock, Dr. Seuss!). But for this week’s blog post, I decided to try and write a poem myself.

I felt really dramatic and cynical while writing it. And I think I really went to town with the punctuation and [lack of] capitalization, so that’s cool.

I was hesitant to publish it for a few reasons: 1) it’s very sardonic, 2) people will start thinking I’m a totally insincere person – which I am not, pinky promise!, and 3) this is my first time writing a poem outside of 3rd grade haikus, so it’s probably not very good. But in the end, I liked how it turned out for a first try. So here it is. If you have the time, I’d love feedback.

“This year”

this year,

I have learned to write.

e-mails laced with insincere gratitude,

affirmative RVSPs to events which I do not wish to attend.

Essays about books I have never read


papers on things I do not agree with.

I have learned to

“fake it until you make it”

because if

you do not know how to write

everyone will know how

you actually feel.


This year,

I have learned to write,

like an adult.

– A. J.


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