I beg to differ

Ten Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Junior Year

on May 1, 2014

I either didn’t know it, or didn’t fully realize it.

1. Literary analysis does not equal language analysis. They are completely different and that’s why there are two different AP classes for them. (OK, so I learned this like two days ago…)

2. Teachers take so. many. selfies.

3. Everything does not need background/summary. In the AP Language and Composition Exam, your thesis can be your very first sentence. “Just get to the point!”

4. I’m a really good note-taker.

5. Sometimes teachers are so active on social media that you tweet them about the homework instead of emailing them. (This is a sign that you have a really cool teacher.)

6. Interviews are not as scary as they seem. Just be prepared.

7. It’s really important to develop good relationships with your teachers and mentors.

8. Show your work. In math class, of course, but also in Chemistry and English class. and life.

9. American literature just isn’t my plate of cookies. (because I don’t like cups of tea)

10. Everything is a remix. Nothing is original.


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