I beg to differ

All Good Things Must Come to an End

on June 10, 2014

Hello my wonderful readers,


Today was the last day of my AP English 3 class. Sad face.

We were supposed to turn in this blog post last week, but I couldn’t get myself to write this until right now.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.22.15 PM

I think I’m clever…round 2

It’s been one interesting year, for sure. I’ve learned, laughed, thought, written, and published so much. As I told Mr. Z earlier, I never knew coming into this class how different of an experience it would be from my previous English classes. That’s definitely a good thing, though – this was my favorite class after a long time!

I never took multiple-choice test to end a book, I wrote more of what I wanted to write (on here) than I wrote essays, we held discussions through Twitter, and sometimes in class, we discussed the rhetoric of FOOD very seriously.

Blogging has been extremely fun, and I want to thank you all as my readers for reading, liking, and some even commenting on my posts. All of it has given me invaluable encouragement that I greatly appreciate. I learned a lot about my opinions and how I could present them to the world. I learned how to remix two different ideas to make them more relatable and entertaining. I learned (through you all, my followers) that people want to hear what I have to say! And that feels amazing.

So thank you 🙂

I plan to keep up with this blog through the summer, whether it’s for more marginalia of Show Your Work!, or my experience in a collaborative reading of Smarter Than You Think, or maybe even my actual summer reading assignment: Candide. I hope that I will also be blogging for English class next year.

Whatever the case is, I hope you enjoy your summer!
…There is one last thing, however. If you have enjoyed reading my blog so far, and/or you think my writing has improved over the course of the year, please let me know! I would love to hear your feedback, no matter how little. If you don’t have the time, that’s okay too.


2 responses to “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. If you are still writing, then I’m still reading.

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