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The Finished Product!

Hello Readers,

I haven’t blogged about my DIY project in a while…and there’s been a good reason for that. Over the past month(ish), we’ve been working with BBN to film, edit, and present our final product for the video. After we finished the script, we got in touch with Karen and Ashley from BBN, who were assigned to help us with the filming aspect. They made the necessary changes on the script, and immediately started filming. Maggie and I visited the set a day each, because that was all that could fit into our schedules. Honestly, I wish I could have helped more during the latter part of this process. But alas, I do not have any filming or editing skills whatsoever.

Drum roll please…. *trumpets*


This short PSA debuts one of my close friends, Catt, and her friend Kleon. After the long and tiring process of submitting college apps, Catt doesn’t even consider all the money she’ll need to pay for college. Kleon helps her by guiding her through the FAFSA Application Process.

Although I know that BBN makes great quality videos, I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this for the first time. It looks amazing, and so professional!!! I was so happy  that I got to help make this project become a reality. Thank you so much, Karen, Ashley, Catt, and Kleon for sacrificing your time to make this video as great as it is.

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Guidevisement In Ten: Filming!

Our ideaFM project is finally taking off! Check out this post from my partner Maggie’s blog, with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Cinematic Commentary

Everything’s coming together! My DIY partner and I turned in our completed script to BBN for FAFSA last week and they have already started filming it!


When I went to check up on filming (as a producer omg I’m living my dream) on Wednesday after 6th period, Karen, who is helping with filming presented me the script changes and add-ons.  It was strange at first to see all the new scenes and characters, but I ended up liking it more than the original script.

20140226_150539 20140226_150529

    When I first entered the BBN room (coincidentally also my English classroom), I felt starstruck as the BBN crew roamed around the area. It didn’t feel like the same room 306. They were even filming a segment for the upcoming week’s episode at the other side of the room. I liked how everyone cooperated and immediately went silent after the segment director…

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Slowly but Surely


Maggie and I have been working (not-so) diligently on our DIY project. Right now we’re kind of feeling lazy to do it, since finals are next week and we haven’t been able to find time other than our Fridays in class. Nevertheless, we’ve made progress and we are almost finished with our part of the script!

Even though our project is titled “Guidevisement in Ten”, I think our first video will be much shorter. We’ve done a lot of research, but honestly, the FAFSA is really easy to fill out! We can’t really go into more detail without boring the students, and that would be counterproductive.

Next, we plan to give our script to BBN so they can start filming our first video. Once next semester begins, we want to get rolling on this.

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The past few weeks have been full of writing and empty of video (but that’s ok!). First, we gathered our research that we got from online sources as well as a helpful booklet Maggie picked up from our college and career center at school. Then we wrote the script, trying to make it as funny and entertaining as possible. Next we meticulously edited it (and we’re pretty much done). I think our next step is to submit it to Mr. Z and ask him if it will work for the BBN. If we’re done with our part for the script, then the next thing to do is start video production. If not, we’ll go back and make it better.

Maggie and I aren’t experienced script writers, so we know that our final draft won’t be perfect. However, we’re open to suggestions by the BBN, since honestly, they’re the ones who know what they’re doing.

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DIY Project: Initial Progress

Last Friday, we met with Ms. Wakeman (who is our mentor/advisor for this project) to discuss the logistics on where our project would fit in with the school’s Guidevisement program. She said that she spoke to Ms. Peterson (the Guidance specialist at our school) about our project, but unfortunately, isn’t sure right now whether they can use our material or not. Although we were disappointed, we decided that this first video could be our senior video, and even if it doesn’t work, we can still move on with the other grade levels. Our best bet right now is to produce a really great video that impresses them, so they can use it. If it isn’t shown at school, it will still be available online on Youtube or Vimeo for the public to see!

Our first video is intended for seniors who applied to colleges this week (UC/CSU apps are due today! Good luck!!!) about the FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Sometime during next week, we will present and discuss the research we’ve done over break and finalize our ideas for the BBN storyboard, so that BBN (the video/newcast class) can take our plans and produce the video.

Shoutout to Mr. Z, who has been so helpful already, by promising us that BBN will help us and talking us through our obstacles. We’re grateful that we have such a supportive teacher!

(I really need a GIF of Mr. Z saying “High Four!”)

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Intro to my DIY Project

Our current logo, designed by my partner Maggie 🙂 thank you!

Last week we kicked off our DIY projects. My project’s running title is “Guidevisement in 10”. I will be working with Maggie from and our school’s video/newscast class to produce several 10-minute videos that can guide specific grade levels through high school. Right now, our school’s “Guidevisement” presentations are…informative, but bland. Our goal is to spice things up using humor, infographics, and the ultimate power of puns =).

I was inspired to take on this project when, in the beginning of the school year, we watched this video ( about College and Career Readiness. Although it was very informational and I found it interesting, I looked around the classroom and saw some people falling asleep, while others played on their phones. I realized that lectures (or the powerpoints often used) were not the best way to get important information like this to an easily distracted audience. With the support of my teacher and friends, I decided to make this my DIY project.

I really hope I’m successful.